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The following article is from The Historical Society of Berks County Email Newsletter,  
and is copyright 2002 by George M. Meiser, IX,  It is re-published here with the permission of the author.

The Historical Society of Berks County Email Newsletter
Historical Society of Berks County PA,
Centre Avenue, Reading, PA 19601
Jan 30, 2002

The major announcement:

Montgomery’s 1,204-page 1886 Berks County History book is now available on a single CD-ROM. This is the single, best source of Reading and Berks history from “the beginning” to 1885. The information found therein is impressively accurate. Morton L. Montgomery was one of America’s greatest local historians of the 19th century. By profession he was an attorney. 
Included on this same CD is Amos Strunk’s “Officers of Berks County” for each year from 1752 to 1860.......and........ J. Bennett Nolan’s 1927 “Early Narratives of Berks County.” As Nolan never saw fit to include useful indexes in his books, the CD’s search feature is particularly helpful.
While the two last-mentioned books are of passing interest, it’s the 1886 M. L. Montgomery tome that makes this CD-ROM of major interest. Originals of this volume at times bring $300+ at public sales and on eBay.
Up front, I have to comment that this CD-ROM arrangement is surprisingly good and e-a-s-y to load into one’s computer. If I could do it, 99% of you reading this message can do it! (Confession time: Yours truly has a box full of CD-ROMs that were purchased but never used/seen due to difficulties loading them into my computer.) 
The “search for” feature is impressive. I typed in “Meiser” and found the single reference to Thomas Meiser in a split second. With the book in hand it would have taken ages to locate him because his name doesn’t appear in Montgomery’s index.
The most significant feature of this arrangement is the readability of the text. You can keep clicking on “larger” until four words fill the screen! One could be all but legally blind and still read the text. You who have good eyesight can read both columns of the original text at a single glance. 
There are many other features of the program, including the ability to bookmark and print out. 

Price of the CD-ROM is $39.95 plus $4.95 US priority mail.  [An order form is available on line.]

Retrospect Publishing 
1307 Warrington Place 
Alexandria, VA 22307

System requirements: CD-ROM, Windows 95 or 98 or 2000,  [Me and XP, too] and 486 or higher IBM PC. Yours truly has a 166 antique and it still worked.


For the co.’s catalog: 

There are similar CD-ROMs for other PA counties, too.......  Allegheny, Beaver, Crawford, Fayette, Luzerne, Mercer, Washington, Westmoreland....and Northwestern PA [Coming Soon...], and Monongahela Valley. These all sell for $39.95. [ Note: Butler and Chester Counties are also available.] 

[ Clarifications added by Retrospect Publishing ]

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