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Pennsylvania Published Archives on CD-ROM

We are pleased to offer the twelve volumes of the Published Pennsylvania Archives 3rd Series Tax Lists. The 12 volume set is available on a single CD, and we also offer the volumes in smaller, county specific collections. If you are looking for an ancestor from Pennsylvania in the 1760s, 1770s or 1780s, this full text searchable resource is without equal. Three additional volumes from the Published Pennsylvania Archives 3rd Series comprising the Warrantees of Land are also available.
We specialize in electronic reprints of Pennsylvania genealogy books, county history books, and directories, along with other valuable Pennsylvania genealogy sources. Each CD contains high quality images of the original pages along with a full text search capability. Our viewer software, which is provided on each CD, was designed specifically for genealogy researchers and historians, and runs under Windows 95 thru 7. Our CDs receive high marks from the experts (read their reviews).
Our recent release, Revolutionary War, contains all 8 volumes of the Fifth Series and the first 2 volumes of the Sixth Series of the Published Pennsylvania Archives. These volumes are dedicated almost exclusively to the Pennsylvania officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War. This CD represents a unique and valuable research tool for Pennsylvania genealogy researchers and Revolutionary War enthusiast. Note that the volumes from the 5th and 6th Series of the Published Pennsylvania Archives contain extensive updates and corrections to the Pennsylvania Revolutionary War records originally published in the 2nd & 3rd Series of the Published Pennsylvania Archives. Pennsylvania Military Book Collections on CD-ROM   Special Book Collections on CD-ROM We are happy to announce the release of a new series for Pennsylvania researchers, "Inventory of the County Archives." This series is a must for any serious Pennsylvania genealogy researcher. Each Pennsylvania county volume contains an index and summary of the record set maintained by the county up until the original publication date (circa. 1940). (sample page) Unfortunately, only eighteen of the sixty-seven Pennsylvania counties were included in the original series. The Pennsylvania collection of the Inventory of County Archives now available on CD, should assist in sparking new ideas for exploring seldom examined and forgotten sources of Pennsylvania county records.

New release: Berks County - The People  Recently released: Civil War - Pennsylvania at Gettysburg  and  Westmoreland Co - The People and Towns  Berks County - The People

New: Berks County

Civil War - Pennsylvania at Gettysburg

New: Civil War - PA at Gettysburg

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania Genealogy

Recent: Westmoreland County

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  Other recent releases include  Berks County - Annals by Montgomery, 1909, Beers' Biographical Annals of Lancaster CountyCumberland County Tax Lists and Westmoreland County, The 19th Century and Before; as well as, PA Archives 3rd Series Tax Lists for Philadelphia, York and the Western Counties.

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Dedicated to helping you rediscover the past through quality, searchable CD-ROMs containing collections of hard to find books, directories and other valuable resources.


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